10 ways to save on utility bills

A lit up lightbulb resting on a pile of coins.

If money’s tight, and you’re seeking ways to free up cash, look to your washing machine, hot water heater, ceiling fan and thermostat for cost-saving inspiration.

Utility bills aren’t cheap. The typical U.S. household spends roughly $2,000 on energy bills, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program. So, finding ways to reduce your monthly utility bill can bolster your family budget.

While basics like shutting off the lights when you leave a room and not turning down your air conditioner temperature so low that it turns your home into a meat freezer will help, you’ll have to do more around the house to preserve energy and shrink your utility bill.

“A lot of little things add up to big savings,” says Lauren Greutman, a consumer savings expert at LaurenGreutman.com.

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