Why travelers should support local merchants

Dodo owners Claire Trelford, left, and Dana Bena got the inspiration for their café and shop during COVID and launched in February of this year.

After the last couple of years, small business owners need a break. I certainly did. So after years urging, I flew to Mallorca, Spain, to work in person with my fiction writing editor. Mallorca is one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations, though perhaps less known to American travelers. That may soon change because, as virtually every Mallorcan pointed out to me, as of June, there’s now a non-stop flight from New York City to Mallorca’s capital, Palma de Mallorca.

I am fortunate to have one of the country’s best fiction writers as my editor and coach: Alice LaPlante, who now lives in Mallorca full time. In addition to being a former writing teacher at Stanford, LaPlante is New York Times bestselling author. Her first novel, a gripping murder mystery, “Turn of Mind” was about to be made into a major motion picture when COVID shut down production.

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